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Welcome to the Adventist

Higher Education Innovation Experience.

Welcome to the Adventist

Higher Education Innovation Experience.

You've gotten to this page because you care about Adventist higher education and have ideas on how we can better meet the needs of our students. We're listening! 

We recognize that Adventist higher education will be drastically different in the years ahead; together we can shape the future. We invite you to partner with us, helping us innovate to confront the challenges of the upcoming decades and continue our rich legacy of preparing graduates equipped to meet the needs of the world.  

Please Follow the Steps Below

Read the terms of engagement

Watch the introduction video

Click the 'questions' BUTTON, answer the questions and hit 'submit'.

FILL IN THE 'CONTACT ME' INFORMATION IF YOU WOULD LIKE to be involved in the solution.

Terms of Engagement

Consider how Seventh-day Adventist higher education can better meet the needs of students. While you may draw on your or someone else's experience at a particular Adventist college or university, we ask that you think in terms of the entire network of Adventist colleges and universities in North America.


How can we work together to better serve students in the years ahead?


Please answer honestly and respectfully.  

Introduction Video

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I've completed the questions. I would like to participate in the next steps. Contact me at:

Thanks for submitting!

Further Work

Additional Resources

Thank you for participating in the

Adventist Higher Education Innovation Experience!

Your observations and suggestions will contribute to the creation of a better future for Adventist students in North America.  

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